Join us for our February meeting 2/28!

NYCoRE’s General Meeting

Friday, Feb. 28th, 6-8 PM

Sharing Our Vision with the Chancellor of NYC Schools


We are well into the new year, Mayor de Blasio has unpacked (most) of his boxes, and our new Chancellor is gearing up to enact her policy vision. However, two months into their terms, neither the Mayor nor Chancellor Fariña have given us a specific policy outline. Let’s help them figure one out, shall we?

Last month we reviewed Farina’s vision for five Cs (and, curiously, an E): a Department of Education that emphasizes collaboration, communication, capacity building, content, celebration, and efficiency. Using your feedback, one of the working groups at least month’s meeting drafted an open letter to the Chancellor on behalf of NYCoRE. 

Please join us on February 28th to collaborate with fellow members to edit and revise the content in our letter efficiently. Help usher NYCORE into a new era. Now that we’ve built the capacity to stand united, we must communicate our vision to the DOE and celebrate our successes thus far. (See what we did there?)
NYU Pless Hall 3rd Floor Lounge 
82 Washington Square East 
New York, NY 
6:00 to 8:00 PM
NYCoRE 101 at 5:30 pm for new members!  
Questions? Please e-mail
Individual working groups will continue their work:
*New Teacher Underground*
*Teach Dream*
*NEW Break Out Group: High Stakes Testing and English Language Learners*
Check out this break out group discussion facilitated by teachers from the International HS at Prospect Heights (open to all teachers!) 
 *NEW Break Out Group: Curriculum*
Check out a New Curriculum Break Out Group Facilitated by members of the Educators of Color Working Group:
The curriculum breakout session aims to be a place where educators can share resources not limited to curricula with one another, and additionally serve as an open space for dialogue about issues of social justice in the classroom/within education. This group will operate in units, each of which will last for 3 consecutive meetings. Each unit will be centered around a theme and will have consistent membership in order to foster a productive, progressive working space and the continuation of norms and practices set forth in that space. People interested in joining a unit should be prepared to commit to attending all 3 sessions. Throughout the sessions, facilitation will rotate between members who volunteer to walk the group through lessons inspired by the unit’s theme-based resources.

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