Educators of Color Group

Do you identify as a person of color?

Are you a Latino/a, Black, Asian/Asian-American, Native American, or multiracial educator?

Consider participating in NYCoRE and our NYCoRE Educators of Color working group

Educators of Color Mission Statement:

We are a group of people who identify as educators of color, who are committed to fighting for social justice in our school system and society at large. We emerged in order to uphold NYCoRE’s commitment to maintaining majority people of color. We seek to sustain a visible and critical presence within the larger NYCoRE collective. We advocate for a nurturing, transformative and action-driven space for educators of color to connect, learn, struggle, and heal together. We do this work to build and connect bridges for our collective liberation.

-–NYCoRE Educators of Color, Developed at 2nd Annual Retreat, June 2013

One of NYCoRE’s Points of Unity is a commitment to maintaining majority women and people of color in our collective. We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming space for educators of color and addressing the systemic and institutional factors that have contributed to the silencing of people of color and the disappearance of teachers of color in the New York City education system.

As a group we are also in the process of developing ways for educators of color to be a strong and passionate voice for social justice within NYCoRE and the broader struggles in education and society.

We welcome you to join us for our monthly “PoC Potlucks” which are generally held on the second weekend of each month at members’ homes. These Potlucks serve as an opportunity to build and support our community of educators of color, discuss how we can work towards racial justice in our schools, and map out our activities for the year.

In addition to our potlucks we have also been holding an annual NYCoRE Educators of Color Retreat. Our third annual retreat is in the planning stages now (see info below)

For more information about the group or the next potluck, please email us at: or


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