Over the years educator activists who have worked with NYCoRE to struggle for social change have developed resources for teachers, parents, and youth. Below are a few resources that have been developed.


Integrating Media and Youth Culture

This is a project generated by the members of the ITAG (Inquiry to Action Group), Combatting the Banking Mentality: IntegratingMedia and Youth Culture into the Classroom in the Winter of 2009, facilitated by Kahlil Almustafa and Charan P. Morris. This wiki has been created to help log and update media resources that we have found to be useful in our teaching practice, as we seek to integrate media and youth culture into our classrooms. See something you like? Use it! Have a resource to add? Add it!

Resources for English Language Learners

NYCoRE’s Making Schools Responsive to Immigrant Youth Inquiry to Action Group (ItAG) created resources for parents and teachers of young people who are English Language Learners (ELLs). You can download PDF versions below.
A Guide for Parents
A Guide for Teachers

Language and Power: Voices from the ESL Classroom

Produced by the “How can we better serve the English language learner student population in New York City public schools?” ItAG.
Ppt Presentation
Annotated Bibliography

Transforming Mainstream Curriculum into Social Justice Teaching

Created by the Transofmring Mainstream Curriculum into Social Justice Teaching ItAG, this resource includes
a collaborative definition of social justice, a unit plan template and model for a social justice unit, and
best practices of social justice teaching. A list of references is included.


Write On!: Writing for Social Justice

Write On! is a resource that was created by NYCoRE’s Write On! Writing for Social Justice inquiry to action group (ItAG).  ItAG participants explored what it means to write for social justice.  Participants engaged in writing activities as both writers and teachers of writing. Participants discussed standards, literacies, and definitions of social justice in relationship to writing as an educational, artistic, and social act.  Participants efforts culminated with this powerful resource for others interested in teaching and writing for social justice. The resource includes strategies, insights, models, and tools that enriched the participants own teaching practice.

Download write on! writing for social justice