RSVP for NYCoRE’s Back to School Meeting Sept. 19th



Back to School Meeting

Friday, September 19th

6-8 pm

Join NYCoRE for our first meeting of the 2014-2015 School Year. This year there will be some new changes in the membership and meeting structure, which we’ll be rolling out at this meeting. We will also be introducing our new campaign working group on high stakes testing as a tool to perpetuate racism and neoliberalism.

This meeting will focus on the foundations of NYCoRE’s political lenses and the new structures this year. We’ll be exploring these questions:

What does race have to do with education reform?

What does neoliberalism have to do with education reform?

How is high stakes testing a tool of racism and neoliberalism in education reform?

NYU Pless Hall 3rd Floor Lounge

82 Washington Square East

New York, NY

Friday, September 19th

6:00 to 8:00 PM

There will also be a NYCoRE 101 Session at 5:30 for folks who are new to NYCoRE and who would like to hear more about the organization and ways to plug into it. If you are interested, please RSVP here.

Vegetarian dinner will be provided. Please bring your own drinks. Also, NYCoRE is making an effort to go more green this year. We’ll have plates and cutlery, but we encourage you to bring your own so we can reduce our use of disposables. Let’s be radical in all aspects of living.

Please Bring ID and RSVP here to give us a head count for food, and to notify security.







Few days left to register: 3rd Annual NYCoRE Educators of Color Retreat


Hi everyone!
Congratulations on finishing the year and hope you have had a great weekend!

We are finalizing registration for the 3rd annual NYCoRE Educators of Color Retreat and want to make sure you are registered if you would like to come to one or both days.

Please register by THIS WEDNESDAY, July 2 so we can have an accurate count.

Thanks and have a great summer!!
–NYCoRE Educators of Color Group

The end of the academic year is nearing and that means it’s time to mark your calendars for the NYCoRE EOC retreat!

We will be reflecting, healing, building, planning and having some fun together over two days:

Saturday, July 12 we will be at
DreamYard Project
1085 Washington Avenue (at 166th St.)
Bronx, NY 10456

Sunday, July 13 we will be at the
Queens Museum
New York City Building
Flushing Meadows Corona Park
Queens, NY 11368

Please RSVP by filling in the following form: NYCoRE Educators of Color Annual Retreat. To fill it out, visit:




It’s Here! The 2014-15 Social Justice Plan Book: Planning to Change the World

Education for Liberation Network  and NYCoRE are pleased to announce the publication of the 2014-2015 edition of Planning to Change the World: A Plan Book for Social Justice Teachers. This unique resource is packed with all new social justice anniversaries and birthdays as well as lots of new resources, quotes and essential questions for students.

Order your copy from Rethinking Schools for a discount price today!


So what exactly is a social justice lesson plan book?
Planning to Change the World is a plan book for educators who believe their students can and will change the world. It is designed to help teachers translate their vision of a just education into concrete classroom activities. It has all the things you would expect in a lesson plan book plus:

  • Weekly planning pages packed with important social justice birthdays and historical events
  • References to online lesson plans and resources related to those dates
  • Tips from social justice teachers across the country
  • Inspirational quotes and thought-provoking essential questions to share with students
  • and much more!​

What leading educators have said about Planning to Change the World
Every teacher – novice, veteran, and in-between – will love Planning to Change the World. This is one that should be in every teacher’s backpack.

Sonia Nieto, Professor Emerita, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

An imaginative and innovative idea in the field of education…I hope it will be widely adopted.
Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States

After 18 years in the classroom I have found a planning book that treats teaching as an art form.  On virtually every page of this book, I find myself challenged and inspired to think more deeply about the importance of what I do every day in the classroom.
Jeff Duncan-Andrade, Assistant Professor at San Francisco State University and high school teacher

Read more praise from educators such as Lisa Delpit, Pedro Noguera and Linda Christensen as well as classroom teachers.

The 10-Year Rule (or why is it that the dates are different in each edition)
Planning to Change the World 2014-2015 is the seventh edition in the series, and each one has featured a unique collection of events and birthdays. When we created the first edition for the 2008-2009 school year, we realized there are so many events and people that could be featured in a planner like this, we had to find a way to narrow the possibilities. So we established the 10 year rule, which generally means that (with a few exceptions) anniversaries/birthdays must fall on a 10 year mark during a given school year to be included (i.e. the 20th anniversary/birthday, the 20th, 40th, 80th, 120th etc.). The result is the events and birthdays are different each year.


Order your copy today!