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As our listserv grows in numbers, we want to be sure that we keep a balance between sharing important information and respecting people’s overflowing inboxes. Therefore, we have a few guidelines for posting to the listserv.

1) We encourage all listserv members to post announcements, events, important articles, or information about other organizations that help promote educational and social justice. At this
point, most of the members are past, present and future teachers, so knowing the audience could help with what seems relevant. Anyone who is a member can post and we want this to be a place where all members feel free to contribute.

2) We hope that you will forward emails to other educators and encourage them to subscribe themselves here: NYCoRE Updates Listserv.

3) If you would like to engage in a discussion about something that is posted- please reply off the listserv directly to the person who has posted. We have too many members at this point for it to be a discussion-oriented listserv.

4) If you have a specific question about NYCoRE or something we are involved with, please send an email to rather than posting it to the entire listserv.

5) If you would only like to receive a daily digest of all messages sent out, you may select that option

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