New Teacher Summer Detox Potluck + Story Circle

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The New Teacher Underground has imaged a large group of new and newer teachers (5 years or less) meeting in Brooklyn Bridge Park to share food, friends, and stories from the school year, creating a space for reflection and resonance in community.

We will feast on our potluck spread from 2-3, engage in a story telling circle formation from 3-4:30 and have ourselves a jamboree once the stories have been told.

What to bring?

  1.  A fellow new(ish) educator friend
  2.  A plate of food to contribute to the potluck
  3.  A piece of the school year- this may include a note from a student, an item from your classroom, or any other form of memorabilia from this year
  4. An instrument if you have one

Why detox?

NTU has found that some of the most difficult challenges faced by new(er) teachers are the lack of support, feelings of isolation, the need to vent, and an unfulfilled desire for places where and people who can support them in transforming their struggles into creative, actionable solutions.

Why tell stories?

NTU hopes that by telling stories amongst community with effective protocols, we might be able to get to know one another in ways that are more meaningful, share experiences that we are trying to unpack, and pursue new relationships with other teachers out of a desire to continue to share personal experience and build our work in our classrooms and our schools.

For more information visit the event page on facebook 

RSVP ASAP for more details.

NTU, a working group of New York Collective of Radical Educators, is a social space for newer teachers to find support and dissect the realities of education in NYC. By educating ourselves, we strive to be more empowered both in and out of the classroom. At our summer Detox/Potluck, we will be sharing and connecting using a restorative justice storytelling practice. You can also check us out on Facebook or Twitter: @ntu_nyc. Hope to see you on the 22nd!

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