Crowdsourcing for NYCoRE Educators of Color 3rd Annual Retreat

NYCoRE Educators of Color 3rd Annual Retreat: Pulse Taking



It’s that time again! The Educators of Color Annual Retreat planning committee has begun…drumroll…planning!

NYCoRE-Educators of Color Mission Statement:

We are a group of people who identify as educators of color, who are committed to fighting for social justice in our school system and society at large. We emerged in order to uphold NYCoRE’s commitment to maintaining majority people of color. We seek to sustain a visible and critical presence within the larger NYCoRE collective. We advocate for a nurturing, transformative and action-driven space for educators of color to connect, learn, struggle, and heal together. We do this work to build and connect bridges for our collective liberation.

NYCoRE-EoC group needs some feedback on location for the 3rd annual retreat. 

Past Retreat Locations
1st Annual Retreat, 2012: World Fellowship Center (
2nd Annual Retreat, 2013: Betances Community Center (
3rd Annual Retreat, 2014: Dreamyard Project ( and/or Queens Museum ( Help us decide!

Option 1: DreamYard Project
Pros: DreamYard has plenty of space for gathering to together and breaking out into small work groups.
There’s a kitchen.
There are yoga mats and space to do yoga, movement, theater.
There are general art supplies, butcher paper, etc. So we wouldn’t have to bring any of that.
Cons: It’s a bit of hike depending on where you’re coming from, but accessible via public transportation.
There isn’t any park (green) space near by.

Option 2: Queens Museum
Pros: Near a park, tons of (green) space and a “rep” who will inform us of all of the awesome resources the Queens Museum can provide us. According to the rep, we can “meet/interact with our education department and introduce them to the museum and our programs (we could do a tour and activity that takes them through the museum and let them know about our programs).”
Cons: Far.

Option 3: Combo
Saturday at DreamYard with a South Bronx or Harlem social option, and Sunday at the Queens Museum with some park activity options.

Let us know your thoughts!
–NYCoRE Educators of Color Group

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For more information about the group or the next potluck, please email us at: or


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