Coming Out Muslim: Radical Acts of Love – October 20 – 22 @ 8pm

Dear NYCoRE community,

Out of the conversations and explorations of the Spring Interrupting Islamophobia NYCoRE ItAG a project entitled Coming Out Muslim sprang up…  and we are excited to share it’s second iteration:

Coming Out Muslim: Radical Acts of Love

the voices, stories, and experiences of the intersection between queerness and Islam

the evening will be anchored by work that my colleague Terna and I have been working on in an effort to make a visible public space for lives we love.

Where: WOW, Cafe Theater @ 59 E 4th St btw 2nd Ave & Bowery

When: Thursday – Saturday, October 20 – 22 @ 8pm


Tickets are sliding scale and you can get them in advance here (the space only holds 50 spots each night) or here:


Wazina & Terna


PS: check out Wazina talkin’ about Coming Out Muslim at

To hear a little by Wazina, please also check out:

(at the 30th minute or so)


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