11.17.11 – National Day of Action w/OCCUPY the Department of Education!

Calling all future Occupiers of the Department of Education! 

Occupy the DOE will be meeting at 4:30 on the steps of Tweed 0(52 Chambers) with the Children’s Brigade as part of the National Day of Action in support of OWS.

Even though the mayor and the other 1% think that they can break the Occupy Wall Street movement by clearing Zucotti Park, we, the 99%, will show them that they ARE WRONG this Thursday! 


As scheduled, Nov. 17th will be a full day of non-violent mass demonstrations throughout the city to celebrate Occupy Wall Street’s two month anniversary, and the birth of a movement that has inspired people locally and globally.

We will celebrate this historic day through sign making, speak outs, teach ins, and a march across the Brooklyn bridge. This will be a family friendly event, with activities for children. Feel free to bring cupcakes, art supplies, your mic check and a whole lotta noise!

A better future on the horizon and we celebrate it this Thursday. Why? Because we are unstoppable and another future is possible!!!!! 




We want Public Education

for the 99%

At the Panel for Educational Policy (PEP)* meeting on October 25th, Chancellor Walcott (the 1%) is planning a “conversation on raising standards in the classroom.”But we have some more pressing issues for changing public education.

Join us as we OCCUPY THE PANEL FOR EDUCATIONAL POLICY and add your voice and issues to the agenda.

How do YOU want public education to change? What are YOUR “common core standards”?


*The PEP is an un-elected 13-member body (the majority of whom are appointed by Bloomberg) that makes decisions for the Department of Education. Think of it like a Board of Directors. The PEP meetings are open to the public. ALL ARE WELCOME.



Tuesday, October 25th @5:30PM

Seward Park High School

350 Grand Street

(near Williamsburg Bridge)


DOWNLOAD – Occupy the PEP flier


For more information contact:
 or find us on Facebook


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