RSVP for the first NYCoRE meeting of 2014!

Unpacking the New Educational Landscape: New York City’s New Schools Chancellor


RSVP for the First Meeting of 2014!

Friday, January 17th

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

NYCoRE101 @ 5:30 pm

New York City has elected a new Mayor, Bill de Blasio, who recently announced the new Schools Chancellor, long-time educator, Carmen Fariña. This is the first time in NYCoRE’s history that New York City has not been under the leadership of Michael Bloomberg. Carmen Fariña is also the first Chancellor in a decade who has not required a waiver for their lack of training as an educator. At the same time, we know that Democrats have been tremendous proponents of the neoliberal agenda in educational policy, both within New York and nationwide. Given this important historical moment, it is time for NYCoRE members to collectively examine the new educational landscape and ask key questions about the radical possibilities we can imagine in the current educational and political context.
Join us for our January monthly meeting as we explore the positions that Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Fariña have established on key educational justice issues including mayoral control, community and parental involvement, testing, charter schools and co-locations, as well as the UFT and new contract. With an eye towards NYCoRE’s future campaigns and organizing, we will also ask: “Where are the pressure points?” and “What possible strategies can we imagine for educational justice organizing under a new administration?”
Bring your questions, ideas and expertise!

Break Out Groups will continue their ongoing work.

NYU Pless Hall 3rd Floor Lounge
82 Washington Square East
New York, NY

6:00 to 8:00 PM
NYCoRE 101 at 5:30 for new members

Questions? Please e-mail

Please Bring ID and don’t forget to RSVP here or on the form below.

See you soon.

Support provided by the Union Square Award, a project of the Tides Center.



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