Ensure Fair Testing Opportunities For All New York State Students

Nobody enjoys taking tests, but on the morning of January 27, 2011, over 40,000 students were very disappointed and frustrated to be told that they will not be able to take the exam they have been preparing to take for over six months.  We hope that the state and the city will schedule a make-up date as soon as possible for all New York students to actualize their right to take the Regents exams that were canceled because of the storm.  New tests could easily be made by cutting and pasting from all the exams given in the past.  January 31st would be an ideal date because the students already have off and the teachers could reschedule their professional development.  Another ideal date would be February 1st  because the students could take the exam and it would not disrupt the start of the new semester, it would be merely postpone it one day.

By eliminating the same opportunity to take these exams as all other students in New York State, we are jeopardizing thousands of New York City students’ chances of graduating on time. Please sign the petition “Ensure Fair Testing Opportunities For All New York State Students” and pass it on as fiercely and quickly as possible.


Registration Now Open: 2011 Conference

Join educators, parents, students, activists, and community members from across the city and beyond for a one-day conference focused on exploring the connections between education and social justice.  This conference is an opportunity to network, inspire one another, and build a movement. Join us to share your thoughts, lesson plans, questions, or to facilitate a workshop.

Check out the conference page for more information: www.nycore.org/conference/

Rally January 27th – STOP School Closings! STOP Charter Takovers! RSS Subscribe: RSS feed Stop School Closings and Charter Takeovers We demand quality resources and support for our public schools, not closings and privatization! Rally January 27th – STOP School Closings! STOP Charter Takovers!

Mayor Bloomberg’s Department of Education plans to close 26 schools and open more buildings to privately-run charter schools. Stand up to school closings and privatization!  Rally with parents, students, teachers and community members and declare that our schools and children are not for sale!

January 27th 4:30 – 6:30 PM
City Hall Plaza, Near the Brooklyn Bridge

Trains: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, A, C, R

A Call to Action from from the Ad Hoc Committee to Stop School Closings & Charter Takeovers

Parents, Educators, Community Members, Council Members:

The NYC Department of Education is refusing to help our struggling schools.  Many are being closed.  When schools are closed, other schools in the neighborhood become overcrowded which in turn tends to lower their performance making them targets for closure. Others are being invaded by corporate sponsored, non-union, non-public organizations. Teaching and learning are being crippled by the reliance on standardized tests to make high stakes decisions about students, teachers and schools. We can’t sit back any longer and allow the DOE and Mayor Bloomberg to dismantle, destroy and undermine OUR public schools!  Our schools cannot be successful and shine as funds are stripped away and CEOs who have little or no educational background are put in charge.  Parents and teachers are pitted against each other so that we become divided.  Public school students, children of color in the vast majority, are being used to further the goal of privatizing and controlling public education for the benefit of corporate interests.

We need to take back ownership of OUR schools and demand an enriched education for every child in NYC.  No one person or group can do this alone.  There has to be solidarity, cooperation and mutual support among those of us fighting for a truly democratic, equitable and just system of public education.  We may not all agree on all of the issues facing education today, but we can agree that closing schools, “transforming” them or replacing them with charters, in a punitive, uninformed and undemocratic manner, will only result in catastrophe for students.  And we can agree that the business model, which has failed our entire economy, is not the one we should use to run our schools.

Help stop school closings and charter invasions.  Let your voices be heard.  Say no to privatization.  Demand equitable funding and democratic governance for our schools, not closures.  Tell Mayor Bloomberg and the DOE that we will not allow OUR children to be hurt any longer!

Rally January 27th – STOP School Closings! STOP Charter Takovers!

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