Ensure Fair Testing Opportunities For All New York State Students

Nobody enjoys taking tests, but on the morning of January 27, 2011, over 40,000 students were very disappointed and frustrated to be told that they will not be able to take the exam they have been preparing to take for over six months.  We hope that the state and the city will schedule a make-up date as soon as possible for all New York students to actualize their right to take the Regents exams that were canceled because of the storm.  New tests could easily be made by cutting and pasting from all the exams given in the past.  January 31st would be an ideal date because the students already have off and the teachers could reschedule their professional development.  Another ideal date would be February 1st  because the students could take the exam and it would not disrupt the start of the new semester, it would be merely postpone it one day.

By eliminating the same opportunity to take these exams as all other students in New York State, we are jeopardizing thousands of New York City students’ chances of graduating on time. Please sign the petition “Ensure Fair Testing Opportunities For All New York State Students” and pass it on as fiercely and quickly as possible.


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