Strike Rally: Stand with Chicago Teachers

From the Chicago Teachers Union Solidarity-NYC

1. Sept 10 Strike Day Rally

When: Monday, September 10th at 5pm

Where: Meet at the south side of Union Square (14th Street)

Teachers in Chicago are striking for increased resources and quality programs for students and fair working conditions for teachers.

MORE (the Movement of Rank and File Educators, the new social justice caucus of the UFT)sees the Chicago teachers’ fight as part of a growing national resistance movement against corporate-backed education reformers who bash teachers, push high stakes testing, and promote school privatization as solutions to the problems in our public education system. The destructive “reforms” being pushed in Chicago are the same as those we see here in New York.

Come early at 4:30 to make signs. We’ll have some supplies, but folks are strongly encouraged to bring extra poster board and markers. After a rally with speeches from several union activists, we’ll march at 5:30 to the New York office of Democrats for Education reform, a PAC made up of hedge fund managers seeking to profit from school privatization schemes. DFER has sponsored anti-CTU ads and petitions in Chicago and supports pro-charter, pro-reform candidates and policies here in New York. The DFER office is at 928 Broadway between 21st and 22nd Streets.


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And, wear red!



2. Donate to the CTU Solidarity Fund


3. Pass a CTU support resolution in your local or organization.


4. Sign the solidarity Teacher Activist Group Solidarity Pledge


Contact for more information.


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