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Do you identify as a teacher activist? What does that mean? How does it shape the way you teach? The way you move through the world?

There is no “how to” book for teacher activists, nor should there be. Being a teacher activist is not just something you do within the confines of your classroom or school day. We know that the struggle for justice does not end when the school bell rings, but how often do we take the time to reflect upon how our lives in and out of classrooms deeply inform the ways we do our teaching and activism? Based on research conducted by one of NYCoRE’s co-founders, Keith Catone, we will explore the key elements that make up the “pedagogy of teacher activism.” Come ready to take a pause to reflect upon your purpose, power, and possibility as a teacher activist.

In the second half of the meeting, we will have some time for Working Groups to meet and for new members to become oriented with NYCoRE in our NYCoRE 101 session.

Please join us!

CURRICULUM: an open group for participants to discuss curricular challenges and best practices… bring a lesson or unit to workshop for feedback!
FIGHTING PERVASIVE ABLEISM IN EDUCATION: meet with us to build reflexive practices and create strategies and partnerships center our students who are physically and systemically segregated and hidden from neurotypical and able-bodied society
NEW TEACHER UNDERGROUND: a social space for new and alternatively certified teachers to find support and dissect the current realities of education in New York City
RAD READING GROUP: join us to read, discuss, and deepen our political analysis together!
TEACHDREAM: join us in our fight against institutionalized racism in the U.S. immigration and criminal legal systems by creating safer spaces for undocumented students, advocating for equity, opportunities, and access to resources for all students, and lifting student activism and leadership

**NYCoRE is looking for a consistent space to host its monthly Member Meetings. Please email if you have any suggestions!**

**PLEASE RSVP below to give us a head count for food and so we can notify security!**

Friday, May 19

5-5:30PM Food and mingle
5:30-8:00 PM Member Meeting

30 Broad St, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10004

A free vegetarian dinner will be provided so members can break bread and build community. Details on the provided meal will come in a future email.

Please bring your own utensils and reusable bowl/plate/container, if possible, to cut down on waste!

NYCoRE strives to provide food from a variety of cultures representative of our membership body, while recognizing the complexities in how foods and cuisines have historically evolved and are consumed. Please visit the website for more details on our position on food allergies and accessibility.

We strive to make NYCoRE general meetings as accessible as possible. If you have any accessibility needs and would like to share them with us in advance, we would welcome that information and we will do our best to meet those needs.

Unfortunately, we’re not available to offer childcare at this member meeting location. We are currently searching for a consistent member meeting location that will allow us to provide childcare.

**Once again, PLEASE RSVP below to give us a head count for food and so we can notify security!**


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