The 2024 NYCoRE Convening: Dreaming & Healing: Birthing New Worlds

The NYCoRE Convening* is back!  We invite you to join us on March 23, 2024 from 8:30-4pm in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The exact location and conference program will be shared several days before the conference via email. 

The 2024 NYCoRE Convening Dreaming & Healing: Birthing New Worlds is an opportunity for us to come together to activate our imaginations in service of liberation. Collectively we will embrace our capacities to freedom dream and heal through struggle, love, inquiry, and practice to birth new possibilities for ourselves, our schools, and our communities. 

Register here! Registration will close on March 21 at midnight. 


  • Masks are required. We will have some on supply but please bring your own if possible.
  • We will provide breakfast and snacks. However, lunch is on your own. We encourage folks to bring lunch and mingle in the cafeteria with music and community, or support local small-owned businesses. A list of local businesses will be sent out to attendees before the conference. 
  • Our tickets are priced on a sliding scale.
    • K-12 students get in for free! Please contact us at or DM us on Instagram @nycore3000 for a code. 
    • Solidarity: Price covers part of convening cost. 
    • Actual Cost: Price covers the cost of the conference (estimated on convening attendance #s). 
    • Pay it forward: Price allows us opportunity to offer reduced fee tickets for those who need it. 
    • Sustaining: Price sustains the work that NYCoRE does year-round. 

* We have chosen to call it a convening this year, rather than a conference, because we want to emphasize the communal aspect of the conference. We are coming together to convene. Workshop facilitators will not be “presenting” but rather inviting participants to explore and dream together. Your presence matters and we hope you can join us! 

With love,

The small but passionate NYCoRE convening committee

NYCoRE’s 20th Anniversary Year-Long Conference – Save the Dates

Dear NYCoRE Community, 

We are excited to kick this year off with a very special announcement: NYCoRE is 20 years old! And to celebrate 20 years of grassroots organizing, movement building, and justice seeking, we will be celebrating with a year-long conference. In lieu of our traditional day-long conference in March, we will host one learning session every month, centering one or two Points of Unity (POU) and highlighting our history and work alongside our comrades. We also hope to use this year to revise and update our Points of Unity in community. 

Most sessions will be held virtually (now, you won’t have to miss a single conference session!), but please stay tuned for updates on small in-person meet-ups to process and discuss the sessions further. We have attached a calendar of our events so you can share it with your community.

To help make this year-long conference happen, we invite you to make a sliding scale donation to NYCoRE. No one will be denied access to an event for lack of funds, but if you are able to donate, we suggest: 

  • $40-$150 to register for the entire year of events
  • $5-$20 to register for an individual session

Send sliding-scale donations here via PayPal.

Our first virtual university session will be a panel with some of NYCoRE’s original members on September 10, please RSVP here. And our first in-person event will be a dance party on September 17th at Mayday Space in Brooklyn. We hope to see you there! 

The struggle does not end when the school bell rings!

Learning Sessions

Friday, September 10th
The Power of This Organizing Space: A History of NYCoRE
POU 1. We have a responsibility to address racism and neoliberalism as it impacts our students, our profession, and public education as a whole.
POU 4. We oppose the militarization of education.

Friday, September 17th
NYCoRE 20th Anniversary Dance Party

Thursday, October 14th
Schools as Part of Community and Critical Thinking
POU 7. Schools should be places of questioning and critical thinking.
POU 8. We believe schools are part of their communities.

Friday, November 12th
Standardized Testing and Radical Possibilities
POU 2. We believe there are positive alternatives to high-stakes, standardized testing.

Thursday, December 9th
Budget and School Funding
POU 5. We believe school funding policies should ensure equitable resources for all.

January – March: ItAG Season
There will be Inquiry to Action Groups that address the following POUs:
POU 3. We believe in restorative justice as an alternative to punitive disciplinary measures.
POU 6. Schools must be safe spaces for everyone, regardless of how they identify or are perceived.
POU 9. We believe all students deserve an environment where they can flourish.

Friday, April 8th
Social Justice Unions

POU 10. We believe in the power of labor unions as a vehicle for social change.

Thursday, May 12th
Reflecting and Looking Forward

POU 11: In order to combat economic, social, and political systems that actively silence people of Color and women, NYCoRE is committed to being an antiracist, antisexist organization. We maintain a majority of women and people of Color representation in our leadership and strive to do the same in our membership.

Friday, June 24th
End-of-Year NYCoRE Performance Space

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