Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule
Registration and Breakfast                       8:45 – 9:30
Opening and Keynote                                9:30 – 11:00
Workshop Session 1                                   11:15 – 12:45
LUNCH                                                         12:45 – 1:45
Workshop Session 2                                   2:00- 3:30
Workshop Session 3                                   3:45 – 5:15
Community, cookies, coffee and raffle   5:15 – 6:00
After Party 6:00 – 8:00  (McKenna’s Pub, 250 W. 14th St. 21+)
Exhibitor Tables All Day (3rd floor hallways)

Youth Track Schedule


TARGET AUDIENCE KEY All are welcome in any workshop, but target audiences for ECE: Early Childhood/Elementary Educators. MH: Middle/High School Educators. Y: Youth. PRE: Preservice Educators. G: General Interest. PAA: Parents, Activists, Artists. TE: Teacher Educators/Academics.
Workshop Session 1                                   11:15 – 12:45pm
Word Power: Addressing Microaggressions in the Classroom

MH, PAT 305

Beyond Survival: Sustainable Teacher Activism for New Educators

G, PST 306

Queer Identities in Elementary Education

ECE, TE 310

Rising From Ashes: A Journey Towards Transformative Pedagogies

MH, TE 312

Time to Act: Reflecting, and Confronting Racism Through Theatre G 313 Using Sociopolitically-Conscious Film to Address EdInequity

TE, PRE, 314

For Teens BY Teens: Art at the New Whitney

G, Y 317

For White Folks in the Hood: Reality Pedagogy G, MH 318 First Grade Activists: Teaching Social Justice through Drama

ECE, PAA 319

Teaching & Learning about the Prison Industrial Complex MH, Y 320 Understanding and Influencing Education Policy G, MH  322 Kujijacula: Foster Self-Determination in African American Students wDisabilities G, MH 327 Shattering Myths: Empowerment thru Deconstructing State Curriculum

G, MH 328

#SayHerName Loudly: Teaching Women of Color Feminism G, MH 333
Building Anti-Racist Schools: Strategies to Talking About Race & Racism ECE, MH 335 NYC Opt Out: This is the crucial year!  PAA, ECE 101

Get ICE Out of Our Schools &Community G, PAA 104

Building Equity and Student Voice thru Democratic Process MH, Y 106 Bread and Rages: Critical Numeracy and Food Systems

ECE, PAA 110

Marxism & Ed: Charter Schools = Capitalist Disaster forTeachrs, Studnts G, TE 112 Social Justice Math: Sharing Power with Students

MH, ECE 136

Linking Activist Pedagogy: Teacher Activism for Social-Ecological Justice

ECE, MH 140

Lunch: 12:30 – 1:30pm

General (Cafeteria) & Presenters (Cafeteria Presenter Station)

Youth Open Mic Lunch (Auditorium 1st fl)

Workshop Session 2                                     2:00 – 3:30pm
Take On Hate- Combatting Islamophobia in Our Class Rooms

Y, MH 305

Activism as Professional Development

G, PRE 306

Sex Education: Sex-Positive and LGBTQ-Supportive

MH, PRE 310

Storytelling to Heal Ourselves and Educate Our Youth G 312 Student Voice, Student Choice

G, MH 313

Coping to Hoping: Teaching to Thrive thru Social Trauma  G, TE 314 Using Hip-Hop to Teach Social Justice and Equality G, Y 317
Literacy for Liberation in K-3 Classrooms ECE, PRE 318 Artivism – The Power of Art in Classrooms ECE, PAA 319 Not Just a Suspension Alternative: Roots of Restorative Justice G, MH 320 REimagine and REdesign Public Education NOW! G, PAA 322 Radical Co-Teaching: Creating  Accountable Community MH, TE 327 Interactive History: Connecting Movements, Media and Ourselves MH, PAA 328 Sexism and Patriarchy–Youth Artivism Fights the Power! G, Y 333
White Identity Caucusing and the Struggle for Racial Justice G, MH 335 Increasing Culturally Relevant Education for Boys of Color MH, TE 101 The Abolitionists: Exploring the Movement that Ended Slavery MH, PRE 104 Building a Teacher Movement Through the UFT Elections ECE, MH 106 Reclaiming my Power: Expressive Arts to Transform Trauma G, PAA 110 Defining Teacher Activism  MH, ECE 112 Active Listening for Social Justice

Pippi Kessler

G, MH 140

Workshop Session 3                                     3:45 – 5:15 pm
Fighting Islamophobia and Anti-blackness Thru Youth Media

Y, MH 305

Leadership in Diversity: Finding our Voices

PRE, TE 306

STEM Education: Unpacking the Hidden Curriculum MH, ECE 310 Undoing Racism: A Primer G, MH 312

“Poetry is Not a Luxury” -Audre Lorde G, PAA 313

Can Teacher Unions Fight Racism?  MH, ECE 314 Threading,Wounding, Healing, and Pedagogy, PAA, TE 317 Asking ?’s  w/Kids: Connecting Social Studies & SJE in Elementary ECE, TE 318
Close Reading for Critical Literacy: Addressing CCSS Progressively

ECE, PRE 319

A Hybrid of HipHop Pedagogy & Restorative Justice TE, PRE 320 Critical Educational Leadership MH, TE 322 Examining disability and combating ableism in k-12 curricula

G, ECE 327

The Social Justice Toolkit for Badass Teachers

MHT, ECE 328

Youth Participatory Action Research Training  Y, MH 333 #NotOneMore: Kalief Browder, Racial Justice, and Human Rights

PAA, TE 335

Receivership Schools: Stop the policy NOW. MH, ECE 101 Sharecroppers Challenge US Apartheid: MH, PRE 104 We Can! Comm-unity Asset Map MH,Y 106

Resisting TFA

G, PRE 112

A Transformative Space Where Students Feel Safe

MH, PRE 110

Remastering Digital Tools for the Community MH, Y 136 Divided no more:  Allies in classrooms and beyond G 140 Nada es mejor que el poder conectarse con la mente, el cuerpo y la movilizacion G, PA Auditorium
Community Cookies, Coffee and Raffle : Cafeteria (6th fl) 5:15 – 6:00pm

Afterparty: McKenna’s Pub 6-8:00

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