Teaching about OWS

NYCoRE-supported work for collecting resources and developing lesson ideas to teach about OWS and racio-economic inequality



NYCoRE members, friends and supporters.


In support of global Occupy Wall Street, the global Occupy movements, and Teach Occupy Wall Street a work group is forming around teaching about OWS and racio-economic inequality for K-12 youth (with a particular focus on middle school students)


We hope to develop a series of lessons and collect resources that would then be shared with educators across the country.


For people in New York, a break out group for this project will meet for the first time at NYCoRE’s next monthly meeting on Friday, Nov. 18th.


If you are unable to make the meeting, but are interested in connecting, or sharing some ideas please feel free to respond to the wall post on facebook or email us at info@nycore.org






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