Conference Keynote Video #notjusttests

This year’s keynote was a powerful merging of performance and personal storytelling. We’re extremely grateful to these individuals for sharing their art and personal stories of the how the high-stakes testing craze is affecting them as students, parents, teachers, and administrators. We heard how people from different locations are facing these systems through organizing, resisting, and visioning alternatives. We hope that you will take with you reminders of inspiration and creativity for our continued work in this beautiful movement.

Directed by Una Aya Osato, a performer, writer and educator, and a proud product of the NYC public school system. Performers: José Vilson is a teacher, activist, author of This Is A Not A Test: A New Narrative on Race, Class, and Education, and writer at Dao X. Tran is an editor based in the South Bronx, where she lives with her young daughter Jamila Lyiscott, Poet, Educator, PhD Candidate, activist, Graduate Research Fellow, Teachers College, Columbia University. @BlackRelevance. Erica Doyle is a native New Yorker who has been an educator for over 20 years. Rosie Frascella is an 11th grade English teacher at the International HS at Prospects Heights, a core member of NYCoRE, and a test resister.  Lady and Crystal are performing from Urban Word NYC, which provides FREE, safe and uncensored writing workshops to teens year round, and hosts the Annual NYC Teen Poetry Slam, NY Knicks Poetry Slam, local and national youth festivals, reading series, open mics, and more. Loco-Motion Dance Theatre: Loco-Motion promotes works of emerging social consciousness and provides a forum for young voices to be heard. www. They will be performing: “Measurements”: Choreographed and performed by: Zoe Dalzell-Sexton, Veronica Habacker, Vera Hogg, Lola Kenet, Murphy Penn, Jackie Marino Thomas and Sophia Turso.

 José Vilson

Dao X. Tran

Jamila Lyiscott

Erica Doyle

Lady and Crystal from Urban Word

Rosie Frascella

Loco-Motion Dance Theatre

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